The Raymond - Vintage Diamonds Sapphires 14k Gold Cocktail Ring

This vintage cocktail ring is a captivating composition of blue sapphires and diamonds, all meticulously set in white gold. The floral design, blooming with rich sapphire petals and diamond accents, epitomizes the intricate artistry of its era. A larger statement piece of considerable charm, it's a classic addition to any collection that speaks of a bygone era's elegance. Whether gracing a modern ensemble or accompanying vintage attire, this ring stands as a testament to timeless style and exquisite taste

Metals: 13.5-14k gold

Markings: 14k hallmark

Gemstones: sapphires, diamonds
Gemstones measured and graded while set subject to mounting limitations, gemstone weight calculated by formula. Color gemstones were not tested for enhancement treatments, since it is standard practice for colored gemstones to undergo treatments, it is reasonable to assume that such enhancements may have been applied

Ring Size: 6.75

Total Weight: 8.0 grams

Measurements: ring top 22.5x25mm, 14mm tall, base of the shank 2.5mm wide

Condition: very good estate condition

Items Included: a new SOHOJEWELERS box