The Meredith - 1950s GIA Unheated 6ct Star Sapphire Diamonds Palladium Ring

Discover the allure of a bygone era with this magnificent 1950s palladium ring, crowned with a GIA-graded natural unheated star sapphire. The moody hues of the sapphire, evocative of the tumultuous sky before a storm, captivate the eye, while its enigmatic luster hints at the hidden depths of the universe, its surface dances with a striking asterism, revealing a luminous star that glides across the gem as it moves in the light. Flanking this centerpiece are diamonds, their timeless sparkle offering a stark, beautiful contrast to the sapphire's profound blue. This piece is not merely a ring, but a memento of the past, a treasure forged in the refined elegance of the 1950s.

Palladium is a precious metal with qualities similar to platinum. Predominantly featured in war and post-war mid-20th century pieces, it's valued for its resistance to corrosion and tarnish as well as its durability. Today, palladium has become a sought-after material, surpassing the price of platinum in the market due to its rarity

Metals: Palladium

Markings: Pall

Gemstones - sapphire: as graded by the GIA Shape - Round, cutting style - Double Cabochon, transparency - Transparent, color - Blue, phenomenon - Displaying Asterism, species - Natural Corundum, variety - Natural Star Sapphire, treatment - No Indications of Heating, measurements - 9.03-9.20 x 6.82 mm, SOHOJEWELERS estimate of the sapphire weight is approximately 5.40-6.50carats by formula, natural incusions; Diamonds

Ring Size: 4.25

Total Weight: 5.25 grams

Measurements: ring top 9.2x14.0mm

Condition: very good estate condition

Items Included:
1. GIA Sapphire Report
2. A new SOHOJEWELERS ring box