The Kingston - Toi At Moi Old Mine Cut Diamond 14k Gold Toi At Moi Ring

Estate Engagement Ring - Toi At Moi - Old Mine Cut Diamond - Doublet Gemstone - Certified - Appraised

A striking estate Toi at Moi ring featuring a beautiful Old Mine Cut 1.11 carat diamond together with a green old cut gemstone set in 14k yellow gold. Toi at Moi means You and I in French and is used to describe two gemstone rings. These rings have a beautiful meaning symbolizing an intertwining of the two souls into one whole. Toi at Moi rings were very popular as engagement rings in the late 19th - early 20th century, a trend rumored to have been started by Napoleon with a beautiful Toi at Moi diamond and sapphire ring he gave Josephine. This ring comes with a diamond grading report from EGL USA New York laboratory together with an appraisal estimating the retail replacement value of this ring at $5,600.00. Whether you are looking at this piece as an engagement ring or a fashion piece this gem is sure to become a treasured family heirloom


Diamond - EGL USA grading one old mine brilliant cut diamond 1.11 carat by formula 6.47-5.95x4.25mm, color grade I-J, clarity grade I1, fluorescence - faint, polish- good, symmetry - good, culet - slightly large. EGL USA Diamond Report Number US400126481D, diamond graded in setting. This diamond shows lots of life and sparkle. A girdle chip. This is a beautiful old mine cut. Old mine brilliant cuts were a popular diamond cutting style between the beginning of 19th to the beginning of the 20th century

Gemstone - a green antique cut doublet gemstone, possibly garnet. Age appropriate wear with scratches and abrasions

Gemstones graded in mounting subject to mounting limitation

Metals: hallmarked 14k yellow gold

Ring Size: 4.25 (this type of shank allows for re-sizing)

Total Weight: 3.0g

Measurements: ring top 13.3 mm (N-S) , shank 1.4mm wide at the base

Hallmarks: 14k

Condition: Item in very good estate condition, please see gemstone condition under gemstones

Items included: a lovely ring box, Diamond analysis report by EGL USA, an appraisal summary estimating retail replacement value at $5,600

SKU: JA3196