The Hartsville - Estate 14k Gold Ametrine Amethyst Citrine Necklace

This exquisite vintage necklace dazzles with its variety of over 400 carats of large beads, including ametrine, amethyst and citrine, each radiating unique hues from deep purples to golden yellows to delicate lavenders. The design is beautifully anchored by a 14k yellow gold clasp, spherical in shape and textured for an added layer of sophistication. This textured finish not only enhances the clasp’s visual appeal but also complements the rich, natural beauty of the gemstones, making this necklace a truly one-of-a-kind piece that embodies the elegance of vintage jewelry craftsmanship
Gemstones: ametrine, amethyst, citrine, very large assymetrical beads with some measuring slightly under an inch in length and some measuring slightly over an inch in length, total gemstone weight of this stunning necklace is calculated at well over 400 carats

Please note, color gemstones were not tested for enhancement treatments. Colors could vary on different screens / indifferent lighting

Total Weight: 95 grams

Dimensions:  18 inches long

Metals: 14k gold

Markings: 14k hallmark, JCM, Maker's mark

Condition: item in very good estate condition

SKU: JA5287