The Mebane - Krementz Art Nouveau Old European Cut Diamond Enamel 14k Gold Brooch FOB

Step back into the graceful world of Art Nouveau with this exquisite antique brooch by Krementz. Delicately crafted in 14k gold, this piece features a harmonious blend of vibrant green enamel and sparkling old European cut diamonds, capturing the naturalistic style that defines the era. The brooch doubles as a FOB, showcasing the skilled artisanship and multifunctional design favored at the turn of the century. A true collector's item, it reflects the elegant finesse and timeless charm of its period
Maker: Richard Krementz

Era: Art Nouveau (1985-1910)

Metals: 14k Gold

Markings: 14k, Krementz maker's mark

Total Weight: 2.8 grams

Dimensions: approximately 1 inch diameter

Condition:  item in very good estate condition, minor wear to enamel

Items included: a new SOHOJEWELERS box