The Eze - Vintage Diamond Enamel Pearl 14k Gold Articulated Brooch

Step into the playful charm of the mid-20th century with this whimsical articulated brooch, masterfully crafted to depict a lively scene of a parrot perched atop a street light with a sunflower twining around it. The movable light element adds a dynamic touch to the piece, while the vibrant enamel work and engraving work brings the scene to life, complemented by a diamond at the heart of the sunflower and a pearl crowning the street light pole. This delightful brooch, substantial in size and dating from the 1940s to the 1960s, is a nostalgic nod to a bygone era of joy and imagination

Metals: 14k gold (tested with nitric acid)

Markings: unmarked

Gemstones: diamond, cultured pearl

Materials: enamel

Total Weight: 9.3 grams

Closure: locking c clasp

Condition: estate condition, considerable wear to enamel, otherwise good condition

Items Included: a new SOHOJEWELERS box