The Toledo - Georgian Diamond 14k Gold Brooch

A very beautiful old broch featuring diamonds in 14k yellow gold. The brooch consists of three round corner squares each holding an individual symbol: a question mark, a cross and a crescent moon with a sun each covered with rose cut diamonds. The symbol portion holding the diamonds are silver. On top of each symbol there is a small loop, not sure what the use of the loop is, perhaps it allowed the wearer to also use the brooch as a necklace or an embellishment of some sort without use of the pin. Europe, estimated circa early to mid 1800s

Metals: tested 14k gold with symbols in silver
Gemstones: 15 very old rose cut diamonds 1 to 3 mm, some age appropriate girdle chips visible with magnification only

Gemstones measured and graded while set subject to mounting limitations

Total Weight: 3.5g

Markings: unmarked, gold tested 14k with nitric acid

Measurements: 1 3/4" x 3/4"

Closure: c catch

Condition: estate item in good condition consistent with age, heavily patinated with the years, lots of scratches and scuffs

Items included: new jewelry box