The Seattle - Early Victorian Foil Back Citrine Pearl Enamel 14k Gold Brooch Signed 1845

A beautiful early Victorian era brooch featuring a large foil back citrine surrounded by seed pearls accented by lovely enamel detailing in 14k yellow gold. The brooch carries a personal engraving on the back reading Mary H Hurd to Harriet Hurd and dated 1845! The citrine in the center is foil backed. Foil backing is a technique of inserting a sheet of thin metal in the back of the gemstone to improve it's optical performance, dating back to antiquity the technic was popular in the Georgian and early Victorian periods but lost it's popularity in the later 1800s. Even through we can see some superficial scratches and patination to the back of the brooch it is incredibly well preserved for an item that's close to 180 years old

Metals: tested 14k gold

Total Weight: 9.8g

Gemstones: one oval foil back citrine 21mm x 12.5mm (depth cannot be measured due to setting), bezel set, seed pearls

Other Materials: Enamel

Measurements: 1 5/8 " x 1 1/4" (38mm x 32mm)

Findings: c catch

Markings: personal engraving Mary H Hurd to Harriet Hurd 1845, no hallmark, US did not hallmark gold jewelry until 1906, gold tested 14k

Condition: superficial scratches and patination to the back of the brooch, couple of tiny imperfections to the enamel visible through magnification only, it is rare to see an enameled item of this age in such an excellent shape

Items included: a new velvet box

SKU: JA4490