The Meredith - Antique Charm Brooch Diamond & Gold Fashioned as a Sword

A striking estate brooch. The brooch is fashioned in a shape of a sword with six lovely charms. The charms are a heart carrying a rose cut diamond in the center, sugar prongs, a tea cup and saucer, a coffee pot, a whimsical cracked creamer (the crack is a part of the design, not damage) and an owl inside a crescent moon charm. The four charms in the center carry gorgeous classical engraving work. The charms as well as the sword itself are very detailed and beautiful. This brooch is one of most whimsical charming pieces that we've seen for a while

Metals: The sword itself tested 14k gold with a small sword handle detailed in silver, the charms tested 9k-14k gold

Gemstones: one 1mm rose cut diamond

Total Weight: 8.0g

Markings: some of the charms carry hallmarks, all pieces were tested 9k-14k gold

Measurements: sword is 3 3/8" long

Closure: c catch with safety

Condition: item in fine estate condition