The Laura - 1930s Political Satire Brooch Benito Mussolini vs. Haile Selassie Italo Ethiopian War

An intriguing find for history enthusiasts and vintage jewelry collectors alike, this 1930s brooch offers more than just decorative appeal - it serves as a whimsical satire of a significant historical event. This unique brooch humorously caricatures Benito Mussolini and Haile Selassie as two cartoon dogs squabbling over a bone, a direct nod to the tumultuous period of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War from 1935 to 1937. The attention to detail and symbolic imagery make it a rare and unique piece that captures the spirit of the era. Crafted from celluloid, a popular material in the 1930s, the brooch offers vintage charm and historical authenticity. This brooch isn't just a piece of jewelry - it's a piece of history. Perfect for collectors interested in the era, political satire, or unique historical memorabilia. A fascinating conversation starter and an undeniably unique addition to any vintage collection, this brooch is a true testament to the power of jewelry to capture and reflect the times in which it was made

Materials: celluloid, base metal pin

Total Weight: 2 g

Dimensions: 2 in x 7/8 in

Era: 1937-39

Condition: item in very good estate condition