The Kingman - Art Deco Diamond Sapphire 18k White Gold Engagement Ring GIA VS1/M

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring - Art Deco Era c.1930s - Estate Jewelry - GIA DIAMOND REPORT - Vintage Bridal and Engagement Rings

A stunning genuine Art Deco Era ring featuring a 0.70 carat diamond set in an intricate 18K White Gold setting with additional side diamonds and sapphire accents. The vintage 18k filigree setting is striking and features beautiful engraving work and design typical for the Art Deco period in the 1920's - 1930's. This ring comes with a GIA Diamond Grading Dossier Report number 2191039522. This diamond also has a micro laser engraving on girdle from the GIA with the report number allowing you additional security and a way to always correctly identify your diamond. Holding this timeless ring in your hands you can see and feel the elegance of the era far gone that's yet still relevant and stylish today

Gemstones: Diamond: GIA grading report 2191039522. One Round Brilliant Cut, 0.70 carat, 5.68-5.78 x 3.44mm, clarity grade VS1, color grade M, faint brown, Polish - Very Good, Symmetry Fair, Fluorescence Strong Blue, Girdle Inscription: GIA2191039522, this is an older round brilliant cut or what we call a transitional cut with wider cut pavilion faucets and an open culet, transitional cut diamonds were popular in the 1930s during the transition from the old european cutting style to modern brilliant cutting style; side diamonds - single cut 0.10ct total diamond weight by formula; Sapphires: two triangular caliber cut sapphires, we have not tested the origin, it is possible these are lab created as lab created sapphires were all the rage during the Art Deco period

Metals: 18k White Gold (tested)

Ring Size: 6.25, shank is 0.9mm if re-sizing needed you will likely need to re-shank the back

Total Weight: 2.2g

Measurements: 8.8 mm wide (N-S) in the front, shank 0.9mm at the base, ring sits 7.5mm tall on finger

Hallmarks: unmarked, gold tested 18k

Included: GIA Diamond Dossier Report number 2191039522, a lovely ring box

Condition: Item in fine estate condition

SKU: JA3032