The Hanover - Victorian Old Cut Diamond 14k Gold Brooch

A stunning estate old european cut diamond 14k multi tone gold bar brooch. This is an intricate majestic piece, mastrfully designed and created by someone over a 100 years ago. What is interesting about this piece is the design is accentuated by different tones of gold, we can see yellow gold, rose gold as well as a greenish hue gold all strategically used in different parts of the design. We estimate time of production of this piece to be early 1900s

Metals: hallmarked 14k gold brooch

Total Weight: 3.1

Gemstones: one old european cut diamond 2.5mm 0.06ct by formula

Markings: 14k on clasp

Findings: a later pin stem

Condition: item in fine estate condition

SKU: JA3467