The Dexter - Vintage Diamonds Turquoise 14k Gold Floral Earrings

A pair of mid-20th century detailed earrings, estimated to have been crafted between the 1940s and 1960s. Set in 14k gold and shaped as floral bouquets, they feature brilliant diamonds and vibrant turquoise, all underscored by incredible gold work

Metals: the earrings tested 14k gold, there is a white metal accent on top we cannot test

Markings: unmarked

Gemstones: diamonds - single cut, turquoise - cabochon cut
Gemstones measured and graded while set subject to mounting limitations, gemstone weight calculated by formula

Total Weight: 8.5 grams

Measurements: 1 3/8 in (at the furthest points)

Closure: omega

Condition: item in estate condition, glue visible on turquoise, one turquoise possibly has a fracture, we cannot determine if it's a fracture or matrix as there is glue

Items Included: a new earrings box

SKU: JA5066