The Brussels - Retro Era 14.4ct Natural Star Sapphire 14k Gold Cufflinks

A fantastic pair of vintage cufflinks featuring two natural star sapphires in a heavy 14k yellow gold mounting. Total sapphire weight is 14.4 carats. Great vintage design! Bullet backs. And ... there is a hidden surprise we've found, one of the sapphires fluoresces hot pink under UV lighting, looks incredible (we've included a photo)

Metals: hallmarked 14k yellow gold

Gemstones: two oval cabochon cut natural star sapphires, one sapphire 7.40ct by formula measuring 10.4x8.2x8.03mm and one sapphire 7.0ct by formula measuring 11x7.7x7.65mm
Gemstones measured and graded while set, subject to mounting limitations. Color gemstones not tested for treatments

Markings: 14k and manufacturer's marking RS

Dimensions: 18.3 x 18.2mm

Findings: Bullet Backs

Total Weight: 15.3g

Condition: Fine estate condition

SKU: JA4143