Margarida Pimentel Large Contemporary Coctail Ring

Materials: 19.2K Gold ( Higher gold content then 18K Gold ) & Sterling Silver

Weight: 16.3g

Signature Margarida Pimentel Stamp


  • 3cm x 2cm

Size:  6.5

Style: This is a large cocktail ring.  Beautifully designed geometric shape.  Wrinkled up gold framed in a smooth silver frame.  Gold can be moved inside the frame.  Created completely by hand.  Designed by artist Margarida Pimentel.

Following is a quote from an article about the artist’s gallery in Portugal written by Andreia White Tavares

Galeria Margarida Pimentel Wearable works of art

If Mother Nature wore jewelry, Margarida Pimentel is where she’d shop.

Organic and abstract, this designer’s beautiful, 3-dimensional morsels of movement and flow are the kind of stand-alone jewelry that make a statement without saying a word. Each piece is superbly crafted entirely by hand and is either one-of-a-kind or of limited edition. All are made from gold and silver (the real deal, not just plated), mostly brushed metal and many incorporating precious stones or pearls.