The Clio - CARTIER Vintage Lighter 14k Yellow Gold

A remarkable vintage Cartier lighter, a symbol of luxury and refined taste. This unique piece showcases an outer case that tests 14k gold, it features a delicate weave of gold, flattened wire pieces meticulously intertwined with metal, creating a texture that is both visually and tactilely appealing. The intricate workmanship is further accentuated by the contrasting textures – some strands boast a smooth, shiny finish, while others exhibit a snake-like texture, adding an additional layer of dimension to this exquisite piece

Markings: signed Cartier PARIS makers mark and serial number

Condition - the lighter is not in a working condition it creates a spark but does not light up, sold as is, there is a dent on the bottom (see photo taken from the bottom of the lighter), there are scratches and scuffs consistent with normal use