Antique Vacheron Constantin 35mm 14k Gold Openface Pocket Watch

Up for sale is a great antique Vacheron & Constantin 14k solid gold pocket watch.  This is an openface watch measuring approximately 35mm in diameter.  The mechanism is marked Vacheron & Constantin and is numbered 309936.  Total weight of the watch together with the mechanism is 35.4g.  This watch features black roman hour numerals and red roman minute numerals as well as a seconds dial.   A white porcelain dial appears to be hairline free, upon a close examination there is a tiny spot (around 1mm) that looks slightly raised, possible a previous repair, this spot is located between 8 & 9 and is mostly obscured by the gold bezel, we tried to photograph it, but were unable to pick it up with the camera well.  The watch is engraved in the back GPK and also engraved on the inside cover with an engraving that reads "Grace P Keefer from Father Camillus NY".  We did a little research and were able to find an obituary in the Syracuse Herald dated March 1918 (obituary titled Camillus next to anti-prohibition add) that mentions the Keefer family and specifically Grace P Keefer of Camillus NY as a surviving child of two deceased parents and mentioning the passing of her father in June of 1917.  We do not know for sure if this is the same family but Camillus was a relatively small town at that time so there is a very good chance that this is.  The watch does not currently run.  The case is in a good condition, we cannot see any visible damage, there are some small scratches and scuffs on the gold that are consistent with normal wear