Antique Edwardian Old European Cut VS1 color F Diamond 18k White Gold Engagement Ring with EGL USA Grading Certificate

Style:  You are looking at a striking antique Edwardian Era ring featuring a 0.65carat Old European Cut Diamond set in an intricate 18k White Gold filigree setting. This diamond is gorgeous, it is bright with a lot of sparkle and life.  The filigree design is beautiful incorporating engraving together with lacy filigree, has beautiful stemmed roses on sides together with decorative design. This ring was sent for grading to the prestigious EGL USA laboratory and came back with a grading of VS1 clarity and F-G color.  Old European cut diamonds of this high quality are relatively rare as there were few diamond  mines and diamonds were sparse in that era, old European cut diamonds of this grade are not easy to find.  This ring also comes with an appraisal from UGS a subsidiary of EGL USA with a retail replacement value of $5290.  This ring can be a striking engagement ring or a beautiful fashion piece  

Diamonds: One Old European Cut Diamond, 0.65carat, clarity grade VS1/ color grade F-G, Polish - Good, Symmetry - Good, Fluorescence  - medium blue, 5.40 x 5.35 x 3.09mm

EGL Diamond Report Number: US310205401D

UGS Appraisal Total Estimated Replacement Value $5290

Diamond graded in mounting

Metals: 18k White Gold (hallmarked and tested)

Ring Size: 6.25 (this type of shank can be sized)

Total Weight: 2.6g

Measurements: 8.6mm wide (N-S) in the front, 4mm wide on sides, shank 1.64mm wide in the back, ring sits 4.9mm tall on finger

Hallmarks: Hallmark 18k & letters S & S inside diamond shape

Condition: Estate item in excellent condition consistent with normal wear